Target Group:

  • Komedia Master
  • ISE/CE-ISV M.Sc.
  • Master AI (Information Engineering (M-IA-IE) & Interaktive und Kooperative Systeme (M-IA-IK))


  • Prof. Dr. H.U. Hoppe (
  • Dr. Irene-Angelica Chounter (
  • Tobias Hecking M.Sc. (


The main target group for this seminar are those students who attended the lecture "Gestaltung interaktiver Lehr- Lernsysteme (GILLS)".
For any students who have not been in that lecture we may want to check individually if they fulfill the prerequisites.

Kick-off meeting:

The first meeting will take place on October 16 at 10:30 in LF120.


Seminar talks will be given in English. Seminar papers can be either in English or German.


In online learning environments such as virtual laboratories or learning management systems students leave traces of activity in form of action logs. Since action logs carry time information, sequences of actions can be reconstructed from log data. The analysis of these sequences can give relevant insights into the learning processes taking place. The aim of this seminar is to explore tools and methods for sequence analysis especially in educational context. Students are supposed to carry out hands-on exercises on interesting real-world datasets guided by the supervisors.