Seminar "Computational Approaches for Analyzing Dynamic Communities and Networks"

Target Group:

  • Komedia Master
  • ISE/CE-ISV M.Sc.
  • Master AI (Information Engineering (M-IA-IE) & Interaktive und Kooperative Systeme (M-IA-IK)):


  • Prof. H.U. Hoppe (
  • Tobias Hecking M.Sc. (
  • Dipl. Math. Tilman Göhnert (

Kick-off meeting: 

April 8, 08:30 in LF120


The main target group for this seminar are those students who visited last semester's lecture "Electronic Communities and Social Networks". For any students who have not been in that lecture we may want to check individually if they fulfill the prerequisites.


If you want to participate in this seminar, please register by email with Tobias Hecking.


Seminar talks will be given in English. Seminar papers can either be in English or German.


Time dependend dynamic processes play an important role in the evolution of communities. For example in social networks new actors and links appear and disappear all the time during a period of observation. Taking into account time can lead to new insights into electronic communities but introduces also new challanges to the analysis. In this seminar the participants work on current research topics in the area of dynamic social network analysis and mining. Apart from aquirering the theoretical background of the different seminar topics participating students will also gather some hands on experience of analysis of real datasets. 
The seminar will be organized as blockseminar. There will two further block meetings after the first meeting. Both of these block meetings are envisaged to be two-day meetings. The dates for these meetings will be discussed in the first meeting.